The fee for the project is estimated at about $1100-1200. (The exact amount will be calculated in September, based on current exchange rates and number of students in the group, but it should not differ much from that amount.) The fee covers:

  • 14 nights lodging in shared flats in central London
  • 8 theater tickets
  • Admission and entrance fees to all group excursions and site visits
  • 2 weekly Travelcards, allowing unlimited travel on bus and Underground routes throughout central London
  • Access to facilities of the FSU student center in Bloomsbury, including library and computer lab

Note that this fee is considerably less than the actual cost of the program, thanks to a generous grant from the Minneapolis Foundation.

The fee does NOT cover:

  • Airfare to London (varies, depending on current fares and where you’re flying from, but likely to average about $900-1200)
  • Airport connections
  • Meals (Again, costs will vary widely. If you shop carefully and prepare most of your own meals, you can eat quite economically, even in London. A ballpark average might be about $400, though you could certainly do it for less.)
  • Passport and whatever visa fee may be required if you are not a US citizen
  • Required GeoBlue medical/emergency insurance (approximately $25)
  • Sightseeing, travel, and activities beyond those planned for the group

Estimated total average cost for the trip: between $2500 and $3000. There will be limited financial assistance for high-need students, thanks to funding from the Winter Term Committee. 


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